Date Season Week Battle
2017-10-19 4 1 The First Strike
2017-10-26 4 2 In the Shadow of Dragons
2017-11-02 4 3 In Presence of Gods
2017-11-09 4 4 Courage Imbued in Blood & Battle
2017-11-16 4 5 Battlefields Most Fierce
2017-11-30 4 6 Making Landfall in the Crystal Oasis
2017-12-07 4 7 Exploring the Desert Highlands
2017-12-21 4 8 Assaulting the Elon Riverlands
2017-12-28 4 9 Surviving The Desolation
2018-01-04 4 10 The Last Stand of Vabbi


A Public Community Event hosted by the Gaiscioch Community for the players of Guild Wars 2. This event series will introduce content to players and also award raffle prizes for participating to random registered users.

  • The Adventure Begins:
    Jan. 19th, 2019 at 12PM PST
Created by the Gaiscioch Community

In Loving Memory of Roger "Oldroar" Rall (1946-2011)

The Great Tyrian Adventure is a Public Community Event hosted by the Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community of Sanctum of Rall for the Guild Wars 2 Community. This event is not endorsed, nor organized by ArenaNet and is entirely created by fans of Guild Wars 2. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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